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Luxman E-250

Hi there.
I am the lucky owner of the magnificent Rega P8/Apheta II (MC)- combo, and is about to change my phono pre-amp, which at the moment is the very affordable Lehmann Black Cube SE II ref. Phonostage, which is a little gem for it´s asked price. On the user market, u can really find a bargain out there.
But i think it´s time to upgrade, and i know with these upgrades, that u have to go further up the ladder than u may find logic, if u really wanna hear a differences on the plus side. With the Lehmann in place, if i wanna get better sound out of my vinyl playback system, my acknowledges tells me u have to spending twice as much, to really make an upgrade worth on this matter (phono stages).
The tricky ones are us with MC carts, where u need a good and quite amp, for sucking the most out of these tracks, laid down in that groove.
I have been an Audiophile in 35+ years now, and started with much cheeper record players, all with mm carts. But when i first time heard a good MC system, there was no turning back. But i realized the art of synergy effect and costs, and how important it is to get the right phono stage for your playback system. I was so much suprised over the Lehmann BC SE II, that i choose it over the obviously Rega Aria mk 2, which was my first choice.

So it´s not becouse i need an upgrade, but this Luxman i can try for free at home and get it for a really good price.
But not many reviews on-line i can find, so if anyone has heard it or even own it, i would be happy to hear from you?

Amps: Lavardin C62 (Pre) - MAP (mono)
Speakers: Le Contoure Stabile 160 (floorstanders), made by Lavardin.
Digital: Linn Ikemi HDCD
Analog: Rega P8/Apheta II combo.
Phono Stage: Lehmann Black Cube SE II ref. Phono stage.
Cables: Lavardin interconnects, speakers cables, upgraded power chords
Audioquest NRG-Z power chord - Chord Shawline (inter/power chords).
Gigawatt PF-2 (power filter/distrubution block)
Anti vibration: Black Diamond Racing: Pyramid Cones/MAX Pits & Boston Audio Tuneblocks. Also for turntable: Ikea chopping board x 2 (plywood) as base. Inbetween them, i laid some bearings, all around the juice pit, so it´s kind of floating (de-couple). Underneath it all, i use the BDR products.
I know, a record player is supposed to be on a wall, when talking light weight plints, and i also have tried that, but this is good enough for now. By the way, it looks astonishing, when all put together.


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check the load

Congrats on being able to try the Luxman at home. But I would be interested how it sounds with your set up. The Apheta wants a 100 ohm on the phono stage (which the Black Cube offers) but the Lux only offers 40 ohms for MC carts.

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