Lumin S1 DAC/Streamer/Renderer and L1 Server

Lumin started shipping their flagship S1 this year and displayed it in both silver and black in their room. In the photo above is the silver S1 along with two L1 Music Library UPnP 2 TB servers below.

The S1 includes both DSD and PCM playback as well as 4 ESS Sabre 9018 DAC chips (2 per channel) with the company's new clocking system and dual-toroidal power supply. There is an HDMI digital audio output and both balanced and unbalanced analog outs. The inputs include USB and you can also hook up its ethernet port to a standard NAS or computer as source or the new L1 2 TB music server which the company says is "truly drag and drop from a PC".

The S1 is $12,500 and the L1 $1,199. Both available now.