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Low volume coming out of rear speakers

I am using a Pioneer VSX 1017 receiver with Paradigm Monitor surround speakers and a Klipsch subwoofer.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, but there is barely any sound coming from the surround speakers when watching movies. Setting the receiver to Stream Direct (supposedly the most accurate sound reproduction) results in a stereo mode. I've spend hours playing with setting, and it did not help.

I performed the automated audio calibration (during the process the sound came out of the surround speakers) and then I increased the volume to the surround speakers by a few db. It still is not enough.

I've searched for videos with 5.1 surround sounds to test. Most of the time, the surround sound corresponding to the surround speakers comes from the corresponding front speakers. Only in the Dolby Digital Pro Logic II Music and Pro Logic II Game modes, most of the surround sound is coming form the surround speaker, although some sound is still coming from the corresponding front speaker.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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