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1) Altec 604 coaxial 15" cone speaker with cellular horn. I was 12 in 1960 and had built my first HiFi from parts featuring a 10" speaker in a box with home made tube amp. My 40 year old neighbor was an engineer for Pan Am, drove an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder and after he got over the shock that I was into HiFi at age 12 he took me next door to his house to show me what HE had built---Altec 604s in custom cabinets and some other stuff including a Garrard turntable. I remember thinking how CLEAR his set sounded.
2) Acoustic Research AR3. My older female "Mrs Robinson" neighbor in Coconut Grove had a pair in the mid 60s and the effortless BIG sound left an impression to this day even though I have owned many many bigger setups since then.
3) Dahlquist DQ10. Before I heard Quad 57s THIS speaker wowed me with its trick use of out of phase midrange and time coherent driver placement. REAL IMAGING. Vocals to die for. Promptly blew up the little bass driver which I believe was a Dynaco or something. Good for its time.
4) JansZen 130 electrostatic tweeter. Mine helped my first pair of AR2 speakers extend their little cone tweets a bit. For the first time I had speakers with the Zing you could hear from the Zildjian cymbals in my drum kit. ZING!
5) Altec Voice of the Theater A7s. These 15" speakers with cellular horns sitting on top were EVERYWHERE in the studios I recorded in. My best friend Paul Ledford used a TON of them to amplify Jimi Hendrix at the first Miami Pop Festival that Michael Lang put on before Woodstock. I used them also in night clubs all around the east coast during the 60s as PA speakers for my various bands. Classic BIG sound.


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