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Lots of great affordable gear in the June Issue!!!

With reviews/follow ups of the PSB Imagine T & B, Cambridge Audio Dacmagic and the Wadia I Transport... I really have to say that I was impressed with the amount of affordable gear in the June edition. I also loved the very appropriate "As we see it" by Stephen to start the issue... I think it really captured the feelings of many of us aspiring audiophiles and enthusiasts - as nice as it is to read about exotic, limited edition, bankruptcy inducing gear, many of us are also very interested in gateway products/ gear that can be purchased with a bit of disciplined saving...

About the only way this issue could have been more crazy, would have been for Kal to do a shootout between the PSB Imagine T and NAD C375BEE Versus the Paradigm Studio 60 V5 and Anthem 225 (cough, hint, hint, cough)!!! Seriously though, I really enjoyed this issue and hope to see similar issues pop up every now and again...

I can't wait to read Kal's review of the Paradigm Studio 60 v5 and to see what affordable Monitors JA has in store for us....

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Re: Lots of great affordable gear in the June Issue!!!

Thanks for the kind words, Ajani. I'm glad you enjoyed the issue.

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