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Stephen Mejias
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Lost the Magic?

A reader named "Wendel in SF" sent this in:


I want to learn more about why CD's loose the magic from some or all vinyl recordings. Where can i read information on what the limitations/problems are. One huge dissapointment was listening to Strawberry fields Forever on CD for the first time, i had to dig up a scratched up vinyl of Magical mystery tour to be sure. Yes half the song was essentially gone, the psychadelic half. Unfortunately this has happened to most of the Beatles recordings.

Is this problem only for analog recordings from the 70's etc - or is this problem present with digital recordings from today?

Anyway, when can i find more articles to clue me in on why this is the case, what is fact or what is imagined. And then i want to dive into understanding equipment, that is what high quality digital equipment improves or elimates this - or high quality analog equipment - why tube amplifiers - i'm going to become a stereophile again!

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Re: Lost the Magic?

The "psychadelic half" is missing from all my old records...but that's because I'm older now. Hendrix did sound better in the good ole days, but I don't think it was the vinyl.


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Re: Lost the Magic?

It may have more to do with your gear than anything else. What are you using to play the vinyl copies, and more importantly, what are you using to play the CDs?

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Re: Lost the Magic?

First, I think that regardless of format, digital or analog, there are good recordings and bad recordings. Many of the early digital transfers were, IMO, horrible. This could very well be the case here.

There are those who think that analog is inherently superior. I don't always agree, way too many 'ifs' involved. Given an 'average' digital setup to an 'average' LP setup, I'd probably go with digital. LP's are a pain. To get the vinyl magic requires both time and money. I think a vinyl rig that actually exploits the benefits of the format is not cheap. Also, the LP's themselves are no small chore. Cleaning and maintaining LP's is also expensive and time consuming.

Don't get me wrong, I love vinyl but I don't buy into the vinyl is always inherently better mantra.


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