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Looking to start my setup with the current best in class mid-range accurate driver

I'm certainly no know-it-all in this realm, but also not a complete newb. But I do need just a little help getting started, I can likely figure out the rest on my own with enough research, but the mid-range is definitely most important to me so it will be the staple. And I want to insure I get off on the right foot. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a search utility with the capability to filter based off of reviews, with a cost range applicator, etc. Essentially my goal is to reproduce the (and sorry I have to use what's likely overused terminology lately) sonic punch one feels in their chest cavity, namely from explosions and gun fire (I'm a professional gamer sequestered alone in a house). I think this should be easy for you guys and off the top of your heads seeing as reproducing what's for the most part a physical feeling and not subjective. But audio reproduction and that "feeling" is especially important to me, and I'm hoping this will likely be my designated mid-range for a decade or more. 

Unfortunately, my current budget for such a thing is roughly 500-750 (for a 2 speaker/multidriver+sub+amp+dac etc) with some wiggle room depending on how much more is needed for that, "Well you could get a big jump in reproduction for this, if you can do xxx more".

So if you guys don't mind, I'm hoping someone here is familiar enough for this range to say "Yep, if you want that for that budget, these can be driven to do that." And, I'm not opposed to additional recommendations that pair with your suggestion of course(I know the paired sub will be my first research project). If not, no problem. I just prefer to have the blessing of a seasoned audiophile before making at least this first jump.

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