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Looking for a set of headphones that sound great at a low volume

Hi All,

I have a few hearing conditions (tinnitus & hyperacusis) that prevent me from being able to listen to music at high volumes. I am able to listen and enjoy music... just at lower than average volumes.

So, I'm looking to get a set of headphones that will sound great at low volumes. In other words, I need a set of headphones that are going to give me clarity, presence, depth, range, warmth, etc... at low volumes.

Another way to put it: I'm looking for a set of headphones that don't necessarily need to be "cranked up" to sound great.


They can't be "in-ear" headphones.


My system:

  1. My music files are all Apple Lossless.

  2. I'll be listening on a Peachtree Audio Musicbox (if you're not familiar with the specs, take a look here).

While I am open to hearing suggestions on how I might improve upon the Peachtree Musicbox's headphone amp (ie. other headphone amps that might better suit my needs), my primary concern here is to get the right set of headphones first.



I'd love to hear suggestions for a few different price ranges (if possible):

  1. <$300

  2. $300-$500

  3. >$500


Any insight/advice is GREATLY appreciated.


Ariel Bitran
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to the Entry Level (section for system suggestions and help.)


also, please do not post the same thread in two different subforums.

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