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looking for quality speakers. spendor SA1?

anyone here own these or have experiences with these?

A dealer here is getting a pair in next week and I hope to set up a listening session next saturday.

I've been looking for a pair of high quality speakers. listened to a used pair of Dynaudio Audience 80s today and liked them but they didn't seem to "disappear" that well and sounded a bit thin (perhaps it was the set up at the dealer, ie. bad acoustics + 60 watt Ayre amp). these are about $360 less than the spendors SA1 (which will be relatively new, a local magazine has borrowed it for review).

Should I also audition the Spendor S5e (which will be about $700 more than the Dyns)? I read the review here and am curious! are they better than the Dyns?

I used to own a pair of Merlins TSM Ms but sold them a few years back. Loved the Merlins. Looking to get a pair of TSM MXes but still saving up for them. in the meantime need a nice pair of quality speakers to tide me over.

I listen to mostly jazz, vocals, some rock and pop.

Thanks in advance for any inputs and advice!

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