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Looking for info on Technics SL-5310

Hi all,

Newb here. Musician, studio guy, so I'm into audio, just not on the level most Stereophiles are on. But here's my situation:

I have a Technics SL-5310 that my dad bought in Greece in '79. Still works great. But the left side of the RCA cable is starting to go out and I know someday I may need a new stylus, so I'm looking for people who know about this TT and could help me out. For starters, I'd like to clean it safely as it's built up a lot of dust. Also, the plastic cover has a tab broken off so I'd like to replace that. And since the output cable isn't removable, I need to know the best way to get in there and attach a new one.

Everything online is either in an Eastern European language or aimed at DJ's. Finding lots on the 1200's but not much on the 5310.

Shoot me an e-mail if you can offer anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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