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Looking to give a meaningful gift

Hi everyone!

So I'll start with the meat and potatoes.

My mother is coming up on her 60th and she's a massive festival head. Due to the current human malware situation she's pretty bummed out with all the show cancellations.

I would really like to gift her something that would bring her the same mind-bending wtf moment I had with a good set of powered headphones. And maybe bring those live recordings a little closer to home.

Now I don't have the best ears so that being said for the past year I've had a pair of Beyerdynamic 770 250ohms powered by a Scarlett DAC.

While I'm sure it's nothing near the second coming of the Buddha it's changed my life. I've never appreciated music so much and I had no idea how much I was missing.

My hitch is that she is not very tech savvy and neither am I when it comes to audio. I would like to find something for her that she can take her music repo, whether it's on her phone or her laptop, and get the same kind of clarity I'm experiencing. Especially on the road, in a tent, doing her thing.

Help this lady out!

I'd really appreciate any help you guys could give me on this.


(of course there is always the question of cost, let's put the limit at 1k)

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