Looking Forward: Cat Power's Sun

Yes, yes, yes!

Sun, Cat Power’s first album of original material since 2006’s The Greatest, will be released by Matador Records on September 4th. September 4th is going to be an awesome day.

The album was performed and produced entirely by Chan Marshall; it was mixed by Philippe Zdar of Cassius.

Listen to the first single, “Ruin,” here. Anchored by a salsa-like piano vamp and bolstered by nasty guitars, deep pocket bass, thrilling percussion, and memorable hooks, “Ruin” is pure Cat Power: dark, sexy, and compelling.

Leaves you wanting and needing more.

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I like it a lot.

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I put a mark in my calendar for 0904.

Find "Ruin" to be a new Cat Power: not as dark (musically) as any track on "The Greatest" (which was already judged as sunny and open compared to her preceeding releases), yet sexy and compelling as you say. Stepping up to producing herself may make the difference - am excited to find out what the rest of "Sun" will sound like.

Did put on "The Greatest" right after the "Ruin" teaser: Yeah, it IS one of the greatest records of the last decade.

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Great news. Thanks for the update. Look forward to hearing this one.

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Hello everyone,

What Would The Community Think, The Covers Record and Jukebox are all currently available on both vinyl and CD.

Moon Pix, You Are Free and The Greatest will be available again on vinyl THIS COMING TUESDAY. - Patrick

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Chan marshall rocks! Love "the Greatest"

I want the new vinyl!

Happy Listening!