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Logitech 360 Degree Sound solution?

Hi there. I have "invested" in my stereo system well over $10.000 in components, including Triangle brand speakers. Anyway, as I am a perfectionist in music and a firm believer of the "sweet spot" meaning that being the speakers in the right position etc etc you could perfectly hear the 3 dimension stereo music effect and all its benefits. Anyway, whenever I tried to listen to my music first I did some speakers positioning work using the Stereophile cd test. I could never do it right. I got really frustrated spending hours moving the speakers and my seat without enjoying my music. In fact it's being almost a year since I haven't even entered my music room out of frustration and have been enjoying my music on my iPod and iPod speakers which sound really great and frustration free.
Anyway, I was seeing some Logitech line of speakers and they have what they called "360 Degree Sound" and describe it this way: Logitech 360-degree sound for room-filling audio clarity without dead spots
"A lot of desktop speakers promise a great sound experience. And that's true

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Re: Logitech 360 Degree Sound solution?

Could this be the answer to all my problems?

Well...perhaps, if your looking for a desktop solution as these are intended.

But I wouldn't think they would fullfill your desires in what you refer to as your music room.

Perhaps you should consider larger omni directional speaker designs for that application.

I'm no specialist, but would love to see Costa Rica!

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Re: Logitech 360 Degree Sound solution?

I could happily pay even $5000 for some one to set my room right but there isn't anyone to do it and I am very lazy to do it myself.

I will glady come to Costa Rica to set up your whole system.

Your experience is very common, I'm afraid. Once you become aware of the problems with how your system interacts with your room, that's all you hear. This listening habit will pass, if you allow it to. All systems have problems. Expecting some sort of sonic Platonic ideal in your living room will only lead to frustration.

Hearing you describe what you want from your stereo (ie a three dimensional soundstage) it seems to me there is nothing the Logitech system is going to do betteer than yout Triangles. If you prize a 3D soundstage above all else, you may want to consider some sort of omni directional speakers such as those made by mbl. In my experience, omnis cast a very large and stable soundstage and allow for a very wide sweet spot. You may also like the sound of a dipole speaker like Quads or Magnepan. Though these types of speakers are harder to drive and will interact with your room much more than your Triangles, they do excel at creating the illusion of a three dimensional event in your room.

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