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Live or livingroom?

Nothing beats the sound of live music. But then again, I often wish I was listening to music in the comfort of my home while seated in the cramped, nose-bleed section of Carnegie Hall, for instance, between an 80 something who unknowingly toys with her medicated-candy wrappers and a bored Wall Street gentleman who has to leaf through the program notes--in search of corporate sponsor listings--throughout the entire performance. Let's not forget the pretentious chatterers ("Oh, I heard the 5th last season with so and so, blah, blah, blah"), the all-season coughers and sneezers, and the "let's leave before we get hit with tunnel traffic" people.

Of course, background noise adds to the ambiance of a jazz club performances. (Hey, what beats the sound of clinking glass in live recordings?) But when it comes to classical music, all I want to hear is music. Yes, nothing beats the sound of live music, that is, if it's music that you are listening to.

Jan Vigne
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Re: Live or livingroom?

(Hey, what beats the sound of clinking glass in live recordings?)

Ahhh, give me those Verve recordings from the fifties and sixties. They have the sound of cash registers.

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Re: Live or livingroom?

Ah Yes, I have some like that.
One of my favorite is CLIFORD JORDAN QUARTET:
Live At Ethell's on the Mapleshade lable. I have been to Ethel's in Baltimore, and it truly is the closest thing to being there. V good recording/engineering with all the ambiance of a live club

BTW, The wife and I recently saw Harry Conick Jr.
As far as the venue, the hall has V good acoustics, I know because I have been there more than a few times. Unfortunately, the sound engineer was exceptionally talented at destroying most of its attributes. They had piled speakers at both ends of the stage, and placed them far far in front of the band with volume so high, there was no sound coming from the instruments! Harry

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