Live vs Recorded

John Marks also arranged, courtesy of Audio Power Laboratories and Wharfedale, to present Arturo Delmoni performing the slow movement from Karl Goldmark’s Concerto for Violin in their room. Arturo played live, but Steve Martorella playing his transcription for pipe organ of the orchestral part was recorded by John Marks in the First Baptist Church in America and played back from CD over the Wharfedale Neo Airedale speakers. The result was impressive, both on the grounds of the system’s sound quality, with extended low frequencies demanded by the organ, but also for Dr. Delmoni’s lyrical virtuosity. This wasn't so much Live vs Recorded and Live with Recorded.

We all owe John Marks a big "thank you" for bringing live music to Axpona New York.

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I was at the AXPONA NYC show on Saturday and it was great. I was one of the lucky participants to be treated to this solo violin performance by Arturo Delmoni. It was a real treat hearing Arturo passionately play with background music provided by Audio Research and Music Fidelity feeding the APL tube monoblocks which, in turn, powered the mighty Wharfedale flagship loudspeakers. Absolutely Fantastic.

I might add that the pipe organ's deep low frequency effects heard through the Neo Airdales particularly near the end of the solo excited a few nodes in the room. Those Neo Airdales dive deep in the bass with great articulation.

Before the solo, I spoke to the developers/engineers of APL about the genesis of the amp and asked them if they would be so kind as to let me listen to a track called "Secret Pond" from jazz pianist Keiko Matsui's latest CD. The track was played and there was silence in the room as Keiko's mastery of the piano had everyone in a trance-like state. Words cannot express how captivating and seductive the music was on this track.

It's so wonderful to listen to music on a system of this magnitude that takes we enthusiasts/audiophiles one step closer to the live performance. One gentlemen even commented that I wasn't going to get my CD back!

My hats off to the gang at APL, Wharfdale, Music Fidelity and Audio Research. Dynamite.