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I got my December issue yesterday and I read Art Dudley's column, as I usually do. The first part of his column talks about him walking in the woods, raising a rock and finding a few small, bald men arguing over the proper equipment to use when listening to 78 records. They spouted minutia, argued over the needle width and the grooves, tried to outdo each other with their deep knowledge of meaningless, esoteric trivia. They foamed at the mouth, hissed and fumed over useless nonsense as they continued to argue their irrelevant arguments.

The description in Artie's column reminded me of these forums. Artie called us a bunch of losers and that's what we are. Some of us are rich, most of us are old and while most of the world lives their lives, we spend our free time in pursuit of name calling, posturing and covering up our deep seeded insecurities with our vast knowledge of pseudo-science while passionately spewing out complete and utter bullshit.

Art Dudley has no respect for us and justifiably so. We are little children who can't socialize like all the other children, so we constantly invent things to passionately disagree about. Things like whether the sky is blue or cyan or whether cables make a difference in music reproduction.

Art wrote a good article. It was a refreshing point of view: like throwing cold water on one's face. Perhaps we can use this moment for some self reflection.

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