Listening #110 List of the Month

Sidebar 2: List of the Month

Lists are good, shallow fun, and capable of suggesting deeper truths: reason enough to make them a monthly thing. So in honor of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Eastman Wind Ensemble, I'll start by offering my choices of 10 records of dubious quality, the contents of which are accurately reflected in their cover art. While we can all name at least ten very good records with very good cover art (the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers would top my list), here are those releases for which nothing in the firmament was in alignment, listed from bad to worst. (Popovers gets an extra point for combining disposable music, lame design work, and inept photography in one wretched, dated, what-the-hell-are-those-things package.) Enjoy!

Truth in Advertising: 10 Awful Records, 10 Awful Covers

10. John Lennon: Mind Games
9. Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops: Saturday Night Fiedler
8. Lou Reed: Berlin
7. Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies
6. Frederick Fennell, Eastern Wind Ensemble: Wagner for Band
5. Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry
4. Joe Perry: Let the Music Do the Talking
3. West, Bruce & Laing: Whatever Turns You On
2. Robyn Archer: The Ladies' Choice
1. Frederick Fennell, Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra: Popovers

pulleyking's picture

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Why do you hate Stay Hungry - that's one of the greatest records ever!! I absolutely love it!