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Amarra, Sonic Studio, 330 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Suite A, San Anselmo, CA 94960-2552. Tel: (415) 460-1201. Web:
Ayre Acoustics, Inc., 2300-B Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. Tel: (303) 442-7300. Fax: (303) 442-7301. Web:
Decibel, Stephen F. Booth. Web:
Pure Music, Channel D. Tel: (609) 393-3600. Web:

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Thank you for a very informative article.  I have a large collection of CDs that I've been ripping to a NAS over time.  Everytime I'm about to put the physical CDs and their packaging into storage though I stop since putting the CDs into storage means I'll potentially lose access to the liner notes, etc.  I'm curious as to how you deal with this problem.  Do you retain the liner notes while getting rid of the physical CDs?  With the advent of IPADs, All Music Guide, etc. there is plenty of electronic info on many recordings to use as reference material but I'm curious as to how other people deal with this issue.

Thanks again,


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With downloaded music from HDTracks and other sources I load the liner notes onto my iPad. I suppose you could scan the CD liners, save as PDFs and load them onto a portable device as well? (quite an undertaking) I'm sure readers here will have much more elegant ideas than that :-)


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Thanks for your reply.  I also download liner notes from HD Tracks.  I've considered creating PDFs of the liner notes that came with the CDs but the process would be way too time consuming.  I did find one site online called which has an ever growing catalogue of liner notes of mostly rock albums.  While the site is promising, it isn't very comprehensive.


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Hi Folks,

Any chance of a Windows PC Audio review coming shortly?  I find there is a pile of info for Mac (which is the easier of the two to set up) but I am betting that a well setup PC with either J River or Foobar will give a Mac a run for its money.

It'd be nice to see a definitive Mac vs PC winner!



PS - I'd also suggest you start reviewing the HD downloads (depending on version available) and compare 192/176 vs 96/88 vs CD...  I know the technology is still maturing and I think there's worth in this (especially given that some say there's no value in say a 192 vs 96 as the data "just isn't there in the music").  I don't think it's that simple though.  In every case I've tried there has been a definite difference with higher res always coming out on top.