Linn LK1 preamplifier & LK280 power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Linn LK1: Solid-state preamplifier with two phono inputs (MM/MC), four line-level inputs, including two tape loops, 256-step digitally switched volume control, and optional IR remote control. Specifications: Input impedance: 50k ohms (phono MM), 150 ohms (phono MC), 10k ohms (line). Nominal output level: 500mV. Phono Sensitivity: 5.0mV (MM), 150µV (MC). Line sensitivity: 500mV RMS. S/N Ratio: not specified.
Dimensions: 10.24" (260mm) W by 10.43" (265mm) D by 2.95" (75mm) H (preamplifier), 2.75" (70mm) W by 4.8" (122mm) D by 1.8" (46mm) H (remote control). Weight: 9.9 lbs (4.5kg).
Price: $1050 (1989); no longer available (2008). Optional accessories: remote control, $110; 3-pin XLR-to-twin-phono lead, $35; 5-pin XLR tape-recorder cable, $45.

Linn LK280: Solid-state stereo power amplifier. Output power: 80Wpc into 8 ohms, 160Wpc into 4 ohms (conditions not specified), both 19.0dBW. Voltage gain: 26dB. Input impedance: 3k ohms. S/N Ratio: not specified. Slew factor: not specified. Polarity: non-inverting.
Dimensions: 12.6" (320mm) W by 10.43" (265mm) D by 2.95" (75mm) H. Weight: 19.8 lbs (9kg).
Price: $1495 (1989); no longer available (2008).

Both: Approximate number of dealers: 100.
Manufacturer: Linn Products Ltd., Floors Road, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 0EP, Scotland. Web: US Distributor: Audiophile Systems, Indianapolis, IN 46256 (1989); Linn Products Inc., 8787 Perimeter Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32216. Tel: (904) 645-5242. Fax: (904) 645-7275. Web: (2008).

Linn Products Inc.
8787 Perimeter Park Boulevard
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