The English translation of the French word image in Salon Son & Image is "picture," or, well, "image." But it's been an open secret for some time that the show is much stronger on the son (sound) than on the image. I saw just one projection video setup at SSI 2013, and there were a few LCD/LED monitors, but no one seemed to pay much attention to them. However, SSI managed to enlist as an exhibitor Photo Service, a major camera store, which offers a wide range of products related to photography. This worked out extremely well for all concerned.

I think audiophiles and photographers (professional and amateur) have much in common, and the overlap between the two groups is perhaps greater than between audiophiles and home theater fans. I have an interest in photography myself, and I know a good number of audiophiles, audio writers, and members of the audio industry that are of a similar bent. (With Doug Schneider of Soundstage! and Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio, I'm as likely to talk cameras as about audio equipment.)

Photo Service had many interesting products on display (I enjoyed the demo of the Wacom digital drawing tablet), the most popular being the setup of cameras and big lenses from Canon and Nikon—see photo above. This part of SSI 2013 was a resounding success.

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You can now put the big sensor in your shirt pocket with the new Nikon Coolpix 'A'.

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...Is that their toys can get seriously expensive. Except in photography the issue of price is academic. Where talent/tenacity is level ground, whether or not you get the shot depends entirely on your equipment.

What makes me happy is that in both fields, most equipment is now reaching such a high nominal level of quality that close to best can be had for much less than even five years ago. The Nikon D800 is more functional, and more portable than the five-figure digital Hasselblad H2 I used in college, and has lower noise in dim light. The Canon 5D MkII however, is still, even compared to its successors, an eminently useful camera body.