Legacy & AVM

I have listened to Legacy's Aeris loudspeaker at earlier shows this year, but this impressive tower ($17,750/pair) sounded better at RMAF. Driven by an AVM SA8 stereo amplifier ($13,880) an AVM PA5.2 tube preamp ($5650), and AVM CD5.2 tube CD player ($6995) and wired with Morrow cables, the system reproduced the Crash Test Dummies' "Superman's Song" with authority. A Gillian Welch track, however, played back at too high a level, took on a bit of a hard edge at climaxes in the large, over-reverberant room.

The photo zooms in on the Italian "titanium-encrusted" 8" midrange unit and the Air Motion Transformers used by the Aeris for the tweeter and supertweeter. A passive 10" woofer is aided by twin active 12" woofers, each now powered by a 500W amplifier: the bass on a recording of Kodo drums pinned my ears back.