Legacy Audio Studio HD Loudspeakers, Rogue Audio Sphinx v3 amplifier, NAD C658 network player/preamp/DAC

It pleases me beyond words when modestly priced audio components overperform immodestly.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dealer Now Listen Here (‘A Tenacious Sound Store’) put on a spectacularly immodest, mind-expanding demo, using only humble components. Picture a big atrium room with a pair of $1795/pair Legacy Audio Studio HD loudspeakers driven by the new Rogue Audio Sphinx v3 (tube/class-D) integrated amplifier ($1595)—this in turn driven by the NAD C 658 BluOS™ network player/preamp/DAC—which, I feel certain, played a big role in making this little rig sound refined, big, powerful, extroverted.

I have reviewed the original Rogue Sphinx and the over-achieving Legacy Studio HDs, but, although they sounded very good, they never sounded this amazing in my room. Very impressive. This system really caught me by surprise.

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I keep seeing the Sphinx v3 show up in glowing reviews. I wonder if Rouge audio would trade me one for redoing their website. Their home page title is "untitled document"; it is a wonder any search engine shows them as a result at all when searching.
I see a lot of smaller audio company sites that are very dated and poorly setup; which is understandable due to their focus being on so many other crucial areas. Unfortunately, someone will eventually come along and charge them a small fortune and still likely not do a great job. A mobile device and search engine friendly site shouldn't cost them more than a Sphinx v3 ;)

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A Wix or Shopify site would get the job done for very little expense. Regardless, completely agree with you they need to up their web game. Perhaps they don't care since they're not D2C.

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Thanks for the report, Herb! I'm glad you enjoyed our room. We had two other systems in the room, each costing considerably more, but this pairing of the Rogue Sphinx v3 and the Legacy Studio HD impressed more people.

Aaron Sherrick
Now Listen Here

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They played a big role, not roll, which is something you eat with butter on it. And, I'm still amazed that a $1800 pair of bookshelf speakers and a $1600 amp can be described as "modestly priced".