Le 33ième Montréal Audiofest

Oh, là, là! It’s back!: the North American audio show with the Euro flair, the Montréal Audiofest—or as I like to call it, the sexy audio show. It’s at its usual illustrious spot, the Hotel Bonaventure. Boy, did I miss it—and miss covering it for Stereophile. It’s always a fun event to visit, and it’s my hometown show, the one I’ve been going to for thirty years—until the Big Bug stopped it. The show runs from March 25 to March 27.

I parked my car on Friday, seven floors below the Earth’s surface, inside the Bonaventure’s parking garage, then emerged from the elevator on the venue’s 10th floor. That’s when it hit me. The show was really happening!, right in front of my darting eyes, already in full swing, bustling, as if the last two years of the pandemic shutdown had just been a bad dream. People were waiting to pay to get in—the entrance fee of yore was reinstated—forming a line that stretched so far back that I was relieved to have my press badge. I slipped through without waiting.

In a gesture of solidarity with the regular people, however, I turned around and took a photo. Montreal Audiofest Crowds

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