LampizatOr and Mosaic

First, today's language lesson: lampa = vacuum tube (or a valve) in Polish. Hence the name LampizatOr for the young Polish company whose GM70 SET 22W tube monoblock integrated amplifiers ($8000/pair) are point-to-point wired in Poland, and whose motivating force, Lukasz Fikus, seems intent on causing quite a stir on audio forums with statements such as, "I DECLARE universal war against high-end equipment manufacturers: CD player, amplifier, cables, speakers—NO MORE CRAP."

Lovely weather we're having, isn't it?

The amps produced very pleasing, exceedingly smooth, full-range sound—perhaps too smooth—through Dale Pitcher's brand new, Wyoming-made, Mosaic Audio Lambda Series Illumination loudspeakers ($18,500/pair). The Illumination is a hybrid horn/transmission-line design, weighs 240 lbs, claims 92.6dB sensitivity, and includes both an adjustable pedestal for vibration termination and a Vibration Isolation Platform. Mosaic speakers are sold via dealers. Note that Pitcher is the former director of engineering for Essence and Intuitive Design, and told me back in 2009 that he helped design the original Shunyata Hydra. Alas, he has yet to establish a web presence for Mosaic Audio. Regardless, the system's promise left me wanting to investigate its components further.