Lamm Industries M2.1 monoblock power amplifier Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: We are very pleased with Stereophile's M2.1 review and would like to thank Paul Bolin not only for approaching this product with seriousness and insight, but for expressing the essence of the design and his listening experience so eloquently. Perhaps, the most important aspect he brings up is the "intangibles—those qualities you can't quantify or analyze but can't help but recognize when you're in their presence." In the design of high-end audio equipment, each step that advances us closer to the essence of music is increasingly expensive in realization but is not always manifest at first.

When we take the painstakingly and properly designed equipment and introduce into an audio system, we witness how it allows the listener to establish real connection with music. Establishing contact (be it with another human or any other entity) is a complex and wondrous process, but only through such contact it becomes possible to know the other. The same applies to contact with music through particular equipment—once the contact is established one can unravel the subtle and complex nature of music and its relationship to the listener. When the listening is approached and experienced from this perspective, it becomes more than listening—it becomes an exploration, a discovery of self and the world. This was Paul's experience, and the experience of many people who have had Lamm equipment in their systems. So what appears to be almost non-existent at first, on closer examination becomes the predominant force, shaping and guiding the listening experience.

John Atkinson also found that, "in addition to fine sound quality, you also get a bomb-proof design that should deliver that sound for many years," and that "The Lamm M2.1's measurements reveal no significant weaknesses and imply a well-engineered design. It also appeared to be very rugged." Special thanks to Mr. Atkinson for conducting the test depicted in fig.8 where the M2.1 was set on high-impedance while connected to a low-impedance load. Although we do not suggest utilizing such set-up as it slightly compromises the sound quality, it nonetheless provides some advantages (eg, a lot of power) which might be appropriate in certain systems.

Again, our sincere thanks to Paul Bolin, John Atkinson, and the Stereophile team for publishing such a comprehensive review of our Lamm M2.1 amplifier.—Vladimir Lamm, President, Director of Engineering, Lamm Industries, Inc.

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