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Kyocera Receiver Repair?

I'm trying to find someone who can repair or assist me in repairing a Kyocera R-661 receiver. The left channel seems to go on & off (mostly off lately.) I took a chance and bought a small septate amp thinking it was the amp. That didn't work, so I know it must be something simple in the pre-amp area. (I had the same problem with the separate amp hooked up.) Also, anyone with access or info on a service manual for this model. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!

Jan Vigne
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Re: Kyocera Receiver Repair?

Place "vintage audio reapir" into a search engine and start calling. Kyocera has long since disappeared from the audio market and never provided much assistance when they were a semi-viable audio compnay. Otherwise, contact Kyocera themself. They are pretty easy to find.

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