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Krell, is so great for $10K

Has superb solid 29 pound chassis, but.......those magic feet things of course made it BETTER!!! Who would have thunk it? And of course THIS player sounded better than anything else....who woulda' thunk it I thought those previous units from other makers had that covered? The amazing monthly improvements is beyond imagination. To think though that for $10K, it needed MAGIC FEET, is this a stretch or what? And everyone had also always said BALANCED sounded better than those horrible RCA outs in a home enviroment, yet....KVRELL has managed to suplant the industry stands for pro use with his CAST system.....who'd thunk that? Who'd a thunk the previous Esoteric player is shot down so's getting to be quite a routine with this stuff. Can't the reveiwers just say this one sounds like teh other expensive units I tested for teh last 2 years. Once in a while they do say, this thing (whatever unit it is) just doesn't move me, but that is rarer than Michael Jackon's other gloved hand. Krell does advertise regularly don't they? For much less EMMLABS, which was a previous super duper maker, does upsampling of DSD which obsoletes stuff that don't, and for less money(used) Does upsampled DSD sound better than 1X DSD?

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