Krell KRC preamplifier Reference System

Sidebar 2: Reference System

My reference system was initially based on the Wilson WATTs/Puppies, the Rowland Consummate and Krell KSA-300S and KSA-250 power amplifiers, the C.E.C. TL 1 transport, and the Levinson No.35 D/A processor. I later used Apogee Stage loudspeakers, a Krell Reference 64 D/A processor and DT-10 transport.

In addition, Kimber AGDL digital cable linked transport and processor, TARA Labs Master RSC (unbalanced) linked processor and preamp, Cardas Hexlink (balanced) connected preamp and power amp, and TARA Labs RSC loudspeaker cable ran between amp and speakers.—Thomas J. Norton

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