Krell KAV-300cd CD player Audio Research CD2 Comparison

Wes Phillips compared the Krell with the Audio Research CD2 in April 1998 (Vol.21 No.4):

Comparing the Krell KAV-300cd with the Audio Research CD2, it was déjà vu all over again, to resort to that overworked phrase. The difference in slam was discernible, but the Audio Research certainly didn't sound anemic or deficient, nor did the Krell sound too bass-heavy. The presentations were just different. This doesn't mean that there was nothing to choose among the two. If only it were that easy...

Some will find the Krell more up-front in perspective, preferring the smoothness of the CD2's tonal delivery. Others, I imagine, will require that sense of impact and power that the Krell so readily delivers. Audition both carefully; I think most people won't have too hard a time choosing a favorite.—Wes Phillips

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