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Krell Evo 202 vs. 222 vs. KCT preamps

I'm considering replacing my Krell KCT preamp with either the Evo 202 or Evo 222. I'm currently using the KCT to drive a Krell FPB-700cx amp with Nordost MMF CAST. Does anyone know if there are any potential problems using the Evo preamp series to drive the previous generation Krell amps?

The closest Krell dealer to me is almost 100 miles south and I believe carries the Evo 202 but not the Evo 222. I may take my KCT to that dealer and compare it to the Evo 202. But I'd like to know if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the Evo 202 vs. Evo 222 vs. KCT, and what if any significant sonic differences can be heard.

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