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Klipsch Forte 3's Questions


I new to the forum and new to stereo equipment in general so please forgive my ignorance. Recently, I purchased a pair of new Klipsch Forte 3's Ebony Edition with an older Yamaha HTR-5990 receiver and Yamaha 5 disc CD player. The receiver provides 120 watts / channel, and says in the manual it has the capability to bi-amp, given that the Forte's have 2 posts I tried this but given the time to re-hook everything up I wasn't sure if it sounded better..

1) Should it sound better using this bi-amp from the single receiver or should I just hook them up normally and use 2ch Stereo?

2) I've been reading about the lack of bass response from these speakers and I kind of agree that it lacks some unless cranked up loud, which really sucks at $1900 a piece! The speakers are rated down to 38db, given this should a sub be used? I primarily listen to rock, metal, and rap / pop. If so, what's a good sub? Is the primary spec to look at in subs, the lowest db rating?


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Food for Thought

Klipsch gives the low end response for that speaker as 38Hz (hertz; not decibels) with a +/- 3dB possible fluctuation. Virtually all speaker manufacturers provide general specifications that really don't tell you much and certainly will not tell you what a speaker will sound like in your sound room, anyway. Room acoustics has a lot to do with this. Also, how and where you place your speakers in a room has a great deal to do with bass response, as well as other things. That being said, those speakers should be providing decent bass response, assuming the components you're using are functioning properly and everything is hooked up correctly. I'd start with the obvious stuff. For example: make certain you have everything hooked up properly. Make sure you don't have the speakers hooked up out of phase (positive & negative connections reversed). If you've gone back to a full range connection (using just one set of wires & posts on the speakers) from a bi-amp or bi-wire connection, make sure you have the jumper plates or straps back on. Take a look at the Klipsch manual and see what they have to say about room placement for those speakers. Experiment with that a bit and see if you can dial them in to the bass response you want. Unless you're looking for the kind of bass response that will rattle the windows and everything that isn't nailed down in your sound room, the kind that punches you in the chest, 38Hz should be plenty.

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