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Kenwood KA-3020SE + Mission 780SE upgrade

Ive been using a pairing of Kenwood KA-3020SE + Mission 780SE since the past 25 years and they've done me well. However, it's now time for an update and I'm looking for an amp + speaker combination that will hopefully last me another 25 years.

Despite visiting Hifi shops and watch various reviews I'm still clueless. I quiet like the reviews and look of the Wharfedale Lintons but perhaps they would be overkill. I listen to a lot of acoustic type music but plenty of more bass heavy indie/rock too. I'm quite fanning a tube amp too for added warmth in tone although again, I'm not sure if this is the way to go.

Does anyone know or have any recommendations for me. I'm not really looking for a direct replacement for the Kenwood/Missions- more an upgrade. And something warmer sounding with more low end.

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