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Ken Kessler: So wrong about so much

Assuming that Ken Kessler's "International News Update" wasn't a parody, it is one of the most amazingly wrong-headed articles I've read in years. Life is too short for a point-by-point refutation but how do you grant credibility to someone who says: "Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have demanded that Apple meet their demands...Finland is expected to follow...this is amusing-those nations' combined population is smaller than that of Los Angeles."

Amusing and wrong. The total population of Norway (4.5M) plus Denmark (5.4M) plus Sweden (9.0M) plus Finland (5.2M) equals 24.1M. The estimated population of Los Angeles in 2005 was 3.8M. If you include LA County, it's 9.9M. So, to paraphrase Jon Lovitz, "that would be less."

Ken, there are people who think their Macs can walk on water. There are people who think Bill Gates is Damien grown to evil adulthood. We call these people extremists and discount their opinions. For the vast majority of thinking people, Macs and PCs and iPods are tools. They're good for some tasks and not suitable for others. I don't understand how this inspires "hatred."

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Re: Ken Kessler: So wrong about so much

So, to paraphrase Jon Lovitz, "that would be less."

a Jon Lovitz Reference, gotta love it

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Re: Ken Kessler: So wrong about so much

I bet Mr. Kessler did what many Americans do and lumped SoCal as "L.A."

Cali has 37 million people, about 12% of Americans live there. If you look at the SoCal counties:

1 Los Angeles 10,245,572
2 Orange 3,072,336
3 San Diego 3,066,820
4 San Bernardino 1,991,829
5 Riverside 1,953,330

That gets ya right about 20 million people in about a 90 mile radius.

Not trying to make apologies for Mr. Kessler, it's just that this is a common way of looking at "L.A."

Edit: Which, of coure, is still less than Scandinavia!

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Re: Ken Kessler: So wrong about so much

For me, LA is anything below Bakersfield.

CA has four metro areas: LA, Santa Cruz, SF, Eureka. Ok, maybe a fifth, if Yosemite, Sacramento and Tahoe are lumped together. Hmm, I think maybe Sacramento needs to be moved to SF metro since people are doing that commute anyway. That would put all those "hetero-mountain-vegetarian-skier-women" (you know what I mean!) in one group.


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