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kef speakers

I'm looking to buy some floor standing speakers online. I've always liked kef and was considering some used 104's (previous post), but I'm now begining to get a little more familliar with the newer products. I've spotted some IQ5's online for about $550 for a new pair and IQ9's for about $850. Since there online, I'm not going to be able to listen to them to compair, so anyone out there have experience with these speakers? I can afford the IQ5 without to much pain, or I could get the IQ9's but it would mean a bit more of a financial stretch. My house is fairly small and most of the time I would be listening at slightly above moderate levels. I'm trying to set up my first "real" system in a couple of decades since I worked at a high end AV store back in the 80's. I'm trying to aquire an nad 751 receiver to dive whichever speakers I get.
My current system I'm trying to upgrade from is an nad 7130 and boston a40's

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Re: kef speakers

Listen before you buy or buy from a source that will allow a 30 day money back return.

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