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KEF Q350 Amp pairing

Hey! I am currently trying to piece together my first HiFi setup. At the moment, I am pretty sure i will go with the KEF Q350 speakers but I am unsure about the amp pairing. So I was hoping to find some help here!

The most important features/must haves for me are:
-of course optimal powering of the speakers
-built-in phono preamp
-built-in Airplay 2 connectivity to use with the TIDAL App (I want to use this as primary input source before adding a proper record player later)
-it should last me for years to come and be of high quality

nice to have would be:
-bass/treble adjustability
-maybe a sub-out

I know that getting separates e.g. for the digital inputs could give me sonic superiority, but I think for now in my beginner audiophile journey everything in one device would be sufficient.

I have already looked at the Cyrus One Cast, which also was recommended to me by my local hifi-dealer, but it comes with a very hefty price tag. Though I believe that something as high quality as this would last me long enough to be actually worth the price in the end...

The other product I have looked into is the Marantz PM7000N, which is also very pricey for me. On the one hand, it comes with more adjustability and a sub out, but on the other I am not quite sure about the design (not thaaat important though) and also if they can drive the speakers to their full potential.

Do you think these amps would be a good fit or are there others to consider, that tick all my boxes and are maybe 1000€ or less?

Thank you very much in advance for your help, it is highly appreciated!!

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Unfortunately many of these

Unfortunately many of these modern "high end" amps are lacking in real sonic quality. I'd recommend you go for a good quality vintage amp, something like a Yamaha ca-400, and hook up a separate digital streaming separate. You will get a far superior sound, and those KEFS will love the deep rich tone that that Yammie makes. I personally run a Technics su-v505 with Kef Raymond Cook 104.2. This for me is superior in sound ability and enjoyment over any of the modern overpriced rubbished being churned out today.

With respect to a SUB woofer, vary rarely will they offer up much in terms of musical ability. You might get some clout, but you will tire of it soon enough as your musical tastes shape in time with your hi-fi.

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My two cents

I’ve recently restored a beautiful pair of 104/2. I pulled out my Hafler 945/XL-280 to power this pair. It’s been a real pleasure to listen to. The KEF has plenty of low end umph without the Kube 100. I’ve enjoyed my Hafler since ‘87. They still run perfectly.

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