Joseph's Bel Canto-Powered Pulsars

It is always a pleasure visiting the Joseph Audio room at Shows, not the least because Jeff Joseph knows how to set up a system to work with the room acoustics, not against them. In Newport beach Beach, as at some other shows, he had set-up the Pulsar stand-mounts ($7000/pair) along the room's diagonal. Source was Pure Music running on a MacBook Pro, feeding USB data to the Bel Canto. Powered by Bel Canto's new C7R integrated amp, which includes a phono preamp, D/A section, headphone output, and an FM tuner—wait a moment, isn't that we used to call a "receiver?"—and hooked up with Cardas cables, the Pulsar's produced an almost full-range sound. The double bass on the Bad Plus's arrangement of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" had body and good definition,a difficult trick to pull off for a stand-mounted two-way.

ScullComm's picture

Thanks John! The C7R is a fine-sounding, amazingly cool-running, high-powered yet low-power-usage analog and digital media center. So it’s a receiver, right? WRONG! It’s a no-compromise, super compact system-in-one based on award-winning digital technology that runs so cool you can put it practically anywhere. Add a Bel Canto CD3T Transport and you’ve got it all in two sturdy, all-steel anti-resonance half-width cases. Connect your computer, CD player, turntable, cable box or game console, a pair of speakers and turn it up to 11!

A big Bel Canto thanks to all who visited us at T.H.E. Show, we had a ball. And thanks to room partners Joseph Audio, VPI, Soundsmith and Cardas.

See you at Rocky!