Joseph Cali Systems Design Showcases Gryphon Audio's prototype EOS 2 loudspeakers, Antileon Evo power amp, Pandora preamp, Ethos CD/DAC, and more

Joseph Cali, aka the producer/husband of singer Lori Lieberman, made audio news with his sneak peak of Gryphon's prototype EOS 2 loudspeakers ($20,800/pair). A successor to the Mojo S, the EOS 2 is the first Gryphon speaker with a beryllium-dome tweeter.

Paired with Gryphon's Antileon Evo power amplifier ($39,000, below), Pandora preamp with external power supply ($32,000) and Legato Legacy phono card ($8890), and Gryphon Ethos CD/DAC ($39,000), the system paired wonderfully with Innuos's Statement server with prototype power supply ($15,000) and Phoenix Net network switch ($3995), a Bergmann Galder air-bearing turntable with Bergmann Odin Air tonearm ($38,000) and Soundsmith Sussuro MC cartridge ($4995), assorted Gryphon Vanta cabling ($30,000 total), Vicoustic Room Treatment ($3500), and Artesania Exoteryc equipment stands ($10,000).

The system produced very open, colorful, and beautiful sound on Lori's definitive version of her own "Killing Me Softly," played from her newest LP. (Did you know that the song was inspired by Don McLean?)

"The most beautiful sound of the show so far," I scribbled in my notes. I subsequently discovered, when Cali played the first track of bassist Brian Bromberg's Wood on the Gryphon Ethos, that the system's low end was totally tight. I expect the Shunyata Everest power conditioner deserves some credit for this achievement.