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Jolida 102 b tube suggestions

I will be receiving my Jolida 102 b amp this week and i want to buy a second set of tubes and i have some questions.I dont want to get too excessive with the cost of the second set of tubes for this amp but i want a backup set and a set that will give a different feel and sound.The amp will come with EL84 and 12AX7 which i have used in guitar amps and i like the sound they produced in my guitar amp but what subsitutions would work well with the Jolida?I will be using this amp with a Cambridge Audio 540 v2 CD and a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls.I appreciate any input.

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Re: Jolida 102 b tube suggestions

You could try Ei(Gold) for the low end or Mullard/Amperex for the mid to hi end. This is a weird hobby as one man's golden tube is another man's reject. Good luck.

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Re: Jolida 102 b tube suggestions

The Russian 6n14n-EB is the best cheap output tube and will directly replace the EL-84. I've tried those in my 102B and it's not bad at all. I also liked the 5751 as a replacement for the 12AX7. The 12AT7 tubes aren't very interesting as rollers and I would save those for last.

I've tried a lot of different tubes in that little amp and could maybe suggest some after you see what you like and dislike about the sound once you get her settled in your system. It's a very sweet amp in stock form.

Jolida does their own mods on that unit for not much money. I had them mod mine and was happy with the results. It's nothing drastic and it doesn't change the over-all character of the amp.

Chime back in after you get her going in your system. Before you go crazy rolling tubes, keep in mind that you need to clean the pins on NOS or used tubes before putting them in. Jolida doesn't use the best tube sockets and so be relatively careful swapping them in and out. You don't want to break the circuit board or traces wrestling tubes.

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