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John Mellancamp - Life, Death, Love and Freedom

Some musical goodness here. Its a T Bone Burnet production, and does share some of the sonics of the Plant/Kraus "Raising Sand" but to my ears, this one sounds better.

The subject matter is pretty somber, and the title does a good job of foreshadowing the lyrical content, but the real story is that this title is sold in a 2 disc set. Disc 1 is standard redbook, Disc 2 is a DVD. And on the DVD you get a hi-rez 24/96 version.

Even better than that, there are actually copies on the DVD that you can import directly to your PC or Mac. They are 256K MP3 and 256K AAC (no biggy there), but you can also import the 24/96 tracks. No need to do any ripping, no need for 3rd party programs to extract the 24/96 tracks. And once they are sitting on your hard drive iTunes is more than happy to import them.

Another crack in the dike, so to speak, what with the Radiohead and NIN's releases. Mellancamp appears to be yet another artist that seems to understand the needs of his customers, and places them ahead of the needs of the record label.


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Re: John Mellancamp - Life, Death, Love and Freedom


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