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Joe and John are saying important things.

Joe Lieberman an John Mackey are on the right track.

America's foundation is self-determinism, and Lieberman and Mackey's take on the health care debate is important. No matter your stance on the issue, this is something so big, it deserves bipartisan energy and input.

Just as Saint Ronald used to spew the party line then choose the pragmatic result, so too will No Drama Obama and we will shift toward addressing these issues without 'free everything for everybody.'

If you haven't read it, go check out Mackey's letter. It is sane and well reasoned and important. The consumer needs to be part of this health care debate. A truly informed and engaged consumer does not require a nanny state to do his thinking for him.

Time for a uniquely American solution to health care considerations, and Joe and John are two good examples of how we should be approaching this.

(Disclaimer: true blue liberal for personal responsibility and health care engagement.)

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