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JG Holt was a funny man

From the article found on the front page of the web site entitled Grabbing the Crystal by the Ball. Great read, much of it oddly prescient, but I especially liked these gems:

"Stereo Review magazine will publish an article offering conclusive proof, supported by irrefutable statistical evidence, that under carefully controlled conditions it is impossible to distinguish an oboe from an English horn. It will assert that people who believe they are playing an English horn are deluding themselves, and are actually playing an oboe."

and little did he know JUST how far this would really go...

"The American music industry will mount a campaign to outlaw listening to recorded music by persons who did not actually purchase the recording. The bill's sponsor, Arthur W. Venal, will be quoted as saying "America's creative talents are being deprived of billions a year through this scurrilous practice, which is in obvious violation of the law we are trying to get enacted."

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