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JBL E80's vs. Phase Tech Teatro??

Hello all -

I am very new to this game and trying to get some help with my first purchase for a HT system. I am a bit unsure of what speakers to purchase and could use some "expert" input.

I am going to buy a Panny XR55 (maybe xr70)
My rooom is 19X12
Use system for 75/25 movies to music
Plan on buying surrounds to match brand of front speakers - 5.1

I was close to buying a set of JBL E80's as my front speakers when I read a few threads on this site about Phase Tech Teatro speakers and found a set of 7.5's that are cheaper than the E80's. I KNOW I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM FOR MY OWN PREFERENCE - but can you give me some input on comparing these two speakers.

Or any other suggestions that may be comparable to these two??

Thank you so much for your help.

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