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Jazzfan's Useful Jazz Links

This section has been a bit slow lately so here's quick post to keep things moving.

Just a few web links that I find useful in my role as Jazzfan:

Jazzmatazz - a nice site with links to list of Upcoming jazz CDs, New & recent jazz CDs, Earlier 2005 releases, Jazz reviews (Jazzmatazz jazz reviews) and Jazz books (Information on selected jazz books) among other interesting links. Worth a look.

WKCR-FM - "The sounds of jazz have been heard over the WKCR FM airwaves for over 60 years." These people do not fool around when it comes to jazz. The music is given the full respect that it so richly deserves on King Crown Radio. WKCR offers live on-air streaming via the internet, 24/7, which is very useful during one of their frequent 24 hour birthday broadcasts or multiday jazz festival broadcasts. Check the site for their daily and upcoming special broadcast schedule. Worth a listen.

All Music Guide - I hope you already know about this site and use it on a regular basis. Much more informative and reliable than for finding information on a given artist or recording. And their coverage is surprizingly extensive. Worth a stop.

All About Jazz - it's just like the name says it is - everything one might need to know about what's happening in the world of jazz, all in one place. Filled with lots of useful information, worthwhile links, free downloads, reviews, interviews, all the things that make Jazzfan appear so knowledgeable. Worth a bookmark.

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Re: Jazzfan's Useful Jazz Links

Nice. Thanks Jazzfan. I had found All About Jazz, but the others are new to me. I think Downbeat's website is a pretty good jazz resource as well.

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Re: Jazzfan's Useful Jazz Links

I suggest for news & reviews. for a place to buy indy jazz releases. Their hardcopy magazine is the only jazz publication I buy. for news on new releases.


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