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jazz icons dvd collection

just a question for discussion. has anyone else discovered this series of dvd performances from these giants in the legacy of jazz on i wish the sound was not mono but i have used the series to introduce my kids to jazz in a way they linear booklets are informative as well. sort of like a pbs broadcast without the solistations. the dvds are available seperately or in 3 bundles.

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Re: jazz icons dvd collection

Yes, I've seen six or eight of them, and have enjoyed them very much. The mono sound isn't bad, especially for old TV broadcast tapes, and actually seeing the performers adds a wonderful new dimension. I can't comment on the booklets since I rented mine from Netflix! In case anyone is interested in doing the same, they can't all be found by searching for "Jazz Icons." Find the performer's name at the Jazz Icons website and search for that.

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