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JA's Biggest Fan
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Re: JA's Biggest Fan

It seems like a rather fun audio discussion on REG's part, but this is perplexing...

"It is one of audio life's mysteries how such things as tiny speakers that cost
$4000 per pair have come to be taken as serious."

I don't think of anything in "audio life" as 'serious.'

This is a consumer driven hobby, so manufacturers seem to have responded to a market niche for small speakers. We better not piss him of any further by mentioning Magico Mini speakers.

I seriously hope that REG can leave the term 'serious' out of future discussions about Hi Fi products!

Is he serious?

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Re: JA's Biggest Fan

Well said Buddha. The last thing our glorious hobby should be is serious. It is in my case, an antidote to serious! I have a serious job and at the end of it I crave some not so serious.

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Re: JA's Biggest Fan

His comments about speakers size are interesting. I've never given this any real thought. I find that I like some large and some small speakers. All speakers are so different that I only categorize them based on my reaction to them.

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Re: JA's Biggest Fan

JA your fan REG is at it again:

It is an unexpected bonus of my writing that it gives Robert Greene something to write about :-)

In this instance, Mr. Greene is really only saying that he prefers large to small speakers. Nothing wrong with that, if that is his preference but I do feel it is not right to try to make that preference universal. Different strokes for different folks.

The other thing Mr. Greene discusses in his blog is the lateral dispersion of the Canton speaker and his objecting to my referring to it as "textbook." However, my usage was strictly accurate because the controlled dispersion of this speaker conforms to the recommendation of Floyd Toole, who literally wrote the textbook - see .

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

Poor Audiophile
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Re: JA's Biggest Fan

"Different strokes for different folks".
Exactly!! If only more people around here thought like that!

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Re: JA's Biggest Fan

" The last thing our glorious hobby should be is serious. " That says it all, Drtrey.

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