Jana’s Visit to The Netherlands (Video)

When I was in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, visiting D+M’s Euro HQ, I shot a few video clips to accompany my written account in hopes of providing readers with an additional experiential view of my time there.

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Thank You- Jana.
you are a wise gal. I enjoy your writing-keep up the excellent coverage. It's cold this time of year in your city, hope you are enjoying a nice jigger of Scotch ;)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Creating Video, especially as a YouTube channel can be huge.

You folks seem to be the first to begin this journey.

Stereophile has 3 Videos, Tyll seems to already have quite a few ( in the old-school 720p ).

These things can be done with a "modern" smart phone in lengths of 9 minutes. ( and in 1080p 30fps )

It's easy to imagine how every new Journalist will be doing their work with a camera and a keyboard.

All manner of Audiophile "Life" things are interesting. Jana's video has an Authentic quality about it, as does Tyll's.

Stereophile is raising the Bar to new heights.

Tony in Michigan

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Wondering Jana, was this trip sponsored by Marantz? The 747 trip (meals and alcohol?) I'm sure was not cheap and I think it's important to let the readership know how business is conducted and how impressions are perhaps formed.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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Jana is not reviewing Marantz's new products; she is attending a press unveiling. Note as well that her write-up http://www.stereophile.com/content/first-look-marantzs-reference-10-series-dms-euro-hq#bi4ApiiK8X5uoj8m.97 includes some critical observations, both positive and sceptical. The latter concerns the DAC that is not a DAC.

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Whether it's reviewing a Marantz product now, or later maybe. Do you not think an expense paid trip would have bearings on the opinions expressed?

Just the same, as in many other professional situations, disclosures are reasonable, right?

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My intention was neither to speak for Jana, nor to comment on the issue of disclosure. Truth be told, I have no idea who financed what.
Nor do I wish in any way to question the legitimacy of your question.

What I have done is to point out that Jana's opinions about the Marantz gear, from my perspective, seem uncensored. She does not come across as someone who has been bought off. I also think the points Tony raises below have validity.

And with that, as my dogs go ballistic because I'm at the computer rather than feeding them, I shall bow out of this discussion and wait to see if Jana or JA wish to comment.

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Anything of the sort here around professionalism or otherwise.

Just that it's probably good to provide disclosure because there is no such thing as freebees not having an effect. Especially something of this magnitude. I trust Jana herself is insightful enough to appreciate what I'm saying.

I a not picking on Jana here either. Rather I think this is something worth disclosing for all reporters.

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Solarophile wrote:
Whether it's reviewing a Marantz product now, or later maybe. Do you not think an expense paid trip would have bearings on the opinions expressed?

Jana will not be reviewing Marantz products for the foreseeable future. She is a reporter, not a reviewer.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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D&G are a large outfit, they can pay to have folks report on their products, no problem.

General Motors would've kept her in a 5-Star for a week.

Jana is professional in all this, not at all kiss-up, I give her ( and JA ) full marks for getting this Product Rollout done properly, more time with the Technical guys would've been nice and some stuff about D&G's operationals would be fascinating.

I say: "thanks for bringing us along for this" !, usually civilians are not quite allowed to get this close to the Press release stuff.

Tony in Michigan

ps. I think I saw Sir Jason in "Audience" at a John Curl / Parasound event ( SanFransisco ). Was that you, taking notes like crazy, or someone else? I'd be interested in Parasound except I'm more interested in Active gear like Meridian, DynAudio, Genelec, etc.

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There have been and, I expect, will continue to be many Parasound / John Curl events. But if you can find a write-up in Stereophile by moi using the search function above, and the dates and what you remember from the presentation are a match, you'll have your answer. I do take copious notes during presentations.

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Solarophile wrote:
was this trip sponsored by Marantz?

Yes, the travel expense was covered by D+M. They flew journalists to Holland from all over the world for the launch.

This is relatively common, not just in the audio world but in other industries also. However, for events inside North America Stereophile covers the expense. For example, for Wilson's launch of the new WAMM Master Chronosonic speaker—report to appear on this site next week—we paid for Jason's transportation from Seattle to Salt Lake City and back.

You can find my policies on things like this as well as on reviews at www.stereophile.com/asweseeit/307awsi/index.html.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Up there with the MBL episode from How it's Made. This is the kind of coverage needed to make this hobby relevant to the next generation, and that's more important than critical comments coming from a generation that still makes purchases based on magazine reviews. More Jana por favor.

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Any observations worth noting from that listening room? I've always wanted to experiment with a largely diffusive room.

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The video was interesting. I would have liked to see a bit more, if the opportunity existed, of the Marantz facilities.

Stereophile should do more of these video clips, from the shows and from manufacturer visits. Many people don't live in cities where there are shows. Dealer seminars are also a rare treat for the few in larger cities; fewer places have audio clubs/societies.

I did have a question about the extreme toe-in of the Q-Acoustics speakers. I'm definitely less of an expert than Mr. KI, but wouldn't a person have to be seated much more closely to the speakers with such a pronounced toe-in? A retailer's room at a show had similar toe-in of some Magico S1s a couple of years ago; the listening seat was only about 6-8 feet away.

Give Jana a break on the trip. Stereophile does not make these trips all the time. The accommodations were functional, safe and clean, indeed almost spartan, but they were hardly the Sofitel or the Intercontinental. I'd be more worried about the Michelin-starred hotels (some probably costing thousands per night, and for months on end for the Iran Deal) where our public officials stay when doing "the people's work" in Vienna and Geneva.

The other nugget of insight from this video was the train trip. I'll try not to infuse much more public policy into my comment, but the rail services in Holland, the speed of the train from Jana's video, the train stations, and all the rest, show the pitiful state of infrastructure in the US. Maybe our president-elect should look at Jana's train station video when bolstering his case for infrastructure spending in the US. The Stereophile Staff should get hazard pay for taking the Acela through Philly.

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low2midhifi wrote:
Stereophile should do more of these video clips, from the shows and from manufacturer visits.

This was actually Jana's second video-based report. Her first was to accompany Michael Lavorgna to Ayre's facility for interviews with Charley Hansen and the Ayre design team. See www.audiostream.com/content/conversations-ayre-video. Jana will be taking her video equipment to next month's CES.

low2midhifi wrote:
Give Jana a break on the trip.

See my comment on this subject earlier in the thread.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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I have never doubted the professionalism of Stereophile, ever, and I don't here. What I am thrilled to see is that Marantz is still around and producing some of the finest gear available and still supporting SACD, which is no small thing to me. (Sony should try it.) The look of their gear is very classy to me and I am sure they will do well globally with it. And I hope that Jana had a great time regardless of whose "dime" it was. I am so tired of Cellphone ads and wish there was as much profit in audio so it could gain some TV air time.

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(Assuming you've been following this thread) Please consider bringing back the classic champagne finish to the U.S. market, at least for the Marantz Reference Series. As a customer who is deeply invested in the latter (2x MA-9S2 and SC-7S2), which I will likely have until I die - yes, I love them that much - I'm 'dying' to continue building out my system (AVR, DAC, network player...) but unwilling to mix 'n' match finishes. Everyone who sees my champagne components (my wife in particular) admires them, as I do. Thank you.

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Thanks for the report...quick question:

What's the music playing for the beginning of the video?

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Loved it! Thanks for the video. Jana, you continue to bring a more human touch to the audio gear world, and it's much appreciated and needed. You must be an old soul to have developed such a refinement in both music reproduction and Scotch!

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You mentioned "loving vintage gear" in your video. Well, if you cover this year's SXSW Music Festival (10 - 19 March 2017), you MUST check out the vintage gear at Austin's "Sound Gallery".


I appreciate your video's with informative commentary.... (smile)