of Bellevue showcases the Avantgarde Zero TA speakers, Enleum 23R integrated/headphone amp, Phasemation EA-1200 phono preamp, Kuzma, and more

"Really nice alive sound." Simple words, they. But truth be told, they only apply to a limited number of systems at an audio show and far beyond, in the supposed "real" world.

This room was hosted by Darin Forkenbrock of (center in photo above, flanked by stepfather Richard Brunne, left, and Randy Forman, right), contained brands that I rarely discover at shows. Terminating at Avantgarde Zero TA loudspeakers ($15,995/pair), the system began with a Kuzma Stabi M turntable ($24,875) with Kuzma 4-Point 9" tonearm ($6995), Phasemation PP-2000 cartridge ($6995), and Nasotec VEM-X record weight ($450). From there, the signal went to a Phasemation EA-1200 phono preamp ($19,995) and then to an Enleum 23R integrated/headphone amp ($6250). Nanotec and Analysis Plus cabling, a Puritan Audio Labs 512 ($4095) and Akiko Audio Corelli ($1995) power conditioners, Stillpoints 4-shelf ESS Rack ($14,495), ASC room treatments, and Townshend and Custom Acrylic speaker isolation platforms rounded out the $125,000 system. hosts about 50 brands in its private listening space in downtown Bellevue, WA. For more information, you know where to look.