Jadis Orchestra Black, Chord Dave and Blue 2, Vienna Acoustics Haydn

Occupying a small but significant place in Bluebird Music’s outer suite, the new Jadis Orchestra Black integrated amplifier ($3995) was producing sweet and enjoyable sound that, on a track from Count Basie Meets Oscar Peterson, felt like a lovely warm kiss. Thanks are most certainly due in part to its system mates: Chord’s Dave DAC and Blu 2 transport with built-in MScaler and Vienna Acoustics Anniversary Edition Haydn speakers ($1500/pair).

The Jadis Orchestra Black, which is manufactured for and solely distributed in North America, is a scaled-down, push/pull Class-AB integrated amplifier, much like Jadis's other Orchestra amps but without the gold faceplate. Bias is performed manually. There is a remote control. Jadis supplies "uprated" 6CA7 tubes, which add fullness to the bottom end. Thumbs up for this neat little system.

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I had to do a double take!


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$4995 is in Canada, in Canadian dollars. In the U.S., the Jadis Orchestra Black is listed at $3995.

Jim Austin, Editor

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Did any other Stereophile reviewer/reporter go to RMAF 2019, other than JVS and MF? ........ Just curious :-) ........

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You are the best, JVS :-) .........

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BTW ...... Next time when there is too much noise and people talking loudly in the demo rooms, just say like the Brits say in their parliament, 'oooooodor' :-) ........

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They identified themselves as AC/DC :-) ......

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Hi Jason,

Did you have any further feedback on the Vienna Speakers?

It's been some time since they released anything new.



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They're distributed in the US by Jay Rein of Bluebird Music. I'd suggest you contact them via their website.

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... "lovely warm kiss" from either Count Basie or Oscar Peterson?

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Emmett Kelly :-) .........

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Also, pick any politician(s) of your choice :-) .........

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