Jadis Eurythmie II loudspeaker Measurements

Sidebar 1: Measurements

My apologies but there are no measurements of this intriguing speaker's performance. Logistical problems, a winter storm, and sheer lack of time to make the trip to Durango, CO, prevented me from measuring the Eurythmie II in time to accompany this review. However, the horn speaker had a even-balanced power response, based on my experience at J-10's, where it sounded less-colored/more-neutral the farther away I listened to it.—John Atkinson

Jadis S.A.R.L.
Bluebird Music Ltd.
310 Rosewell Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4R 2B2, Canada
(416) 638-8207

Stephen Mejias's picture

These speakers look like Yosemite Sam. What in tarnation?

Devil Doc's picture

...Dr. Who. A Dalek variant, perhaps.


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Nice to read a review of one of the more interesting to say the least speakers I have come across. The look of these speakers make quite a statement. Would love to hear them for myself just to really see how the sound compares to the over the top appearance. Art and music combine to make something wonderful......