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Jabra - HALO Bluetooth Headset

Has anyone else used this headset/headphone? I was looking for a lightweight over the ear headphone that is easy to take on the road. I have the top of the line Shure in ear headphones, but they are tethered and get uncomfortable over time for me.

These produce remarkably good sound, are lightweight, and also are a really good wireless phone headset. They are rechargable. They also come with an adapter wire that allows you to use them in a mini headphone jack.

I'm using it with my iPhone as a bluetooth headphone to listen to music. It's awsome stuff, and only costs $99 at Best Buy.

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Re: Jabra - HALO Bluetooth Headset

Ohh cool, I was on the fence about buying these, wasn't really sure about sound, if its serviceable I will pick them up.

How is the battery life on them?

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